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Monday, September 20, 2010

Terra Loom With Alpacas

This loom was finished today and is on its way to an alpaca breeder in Irasburg. The barn board detail of alpacas is compliments of Kyla Myott's board, Kathleen van Gelder's alpaca cookie cutter and my scroll saw, and other tools. The loom will be on display at the Big E where Kathleen and her alpacas will be showing off their great fiber coats. She is promoting alpaca fiber for all manner of crafts, and also helping get the word out about Terra Looms. Kyla and I will be at the Alpaca Breeder's Assoc. gathering at Champlain Valley Expo, in Essex, VT during the 3rd weekend in Oct, using and showing off the Terra Looms we have made. Kathleen will have her new one there and will be weaving along with us. It's catching!!!


Averill Mountain Crafts said...

These looms look just great! I need to try to make one for myself to use up all the wool I am spinning! I made myself a card weaving loom quite a while ago that is still sitting at the camp waiting to be used. It makes great belts and woven strips. Maybe you can add something like that to your line of looms!

Great stuff here!

Crooked Wood Designs said...

I will have all I can do with the terra looms. Kyla is not going to be able to work with me anymore. I don't think that I will branch out at this point. If they catch on, I will be busy gathering wood and drying it and making more looms. I love to make them really. Find my niche??? cb